Upcycling Or Recycling Your Shoes: Merrell Launches ‘ReTread’

Upcycling Or Recycling Your Shoes: Merrell Launches ‘ReTread’

Today’s news, Upcycling or Recycling Your Shoes: Merrell Launches ‘ReTread’

Merrell claims that by 2025, its reclamation program will have saved 600,000 pairs of shoes from being thrown away.

Merrell recently launched This Is Home, an ambitious globalization initiative.

In the next weeks, months, and years, the brand believes that the initiative will serve as a vessel for environmentally focused programs.

Merrell ReTread, the platform’s pilot program, is a boot takeback and recycling project.ReCircled, a closed-loop company, was enlisted to assist the shoemaker.

ReCircled was founded in 2019 to provide upcycling/recycling services for worn footwear and apparel brands.

It also has a proprietary digital platform that manages the gear takeback process and allows customers to return worn items.

Merrell offers various incentives to encourage consumers to take action.

It will first cover the shipping costs by providing free return labels.

To sweeten the deal, when a participating ReCircled processing center receives its charge, each person will receive a $20 store credit.

Merrell ReTread: Circular Economy for Shoes

Although combining circular economics and customer incentives isn’t exactly a novel notion (think Patagonia’s Worn Wear program),

Merrell’s approach appears to be more complete.

Firstly, the company sets it up to be a genuine, no-holds-barred takeback service, so it accepts used Merrell shoes in any condition.

After a used pair of boots is received and analyzed by the ReCircled facility, one of three events will occur,

Staff will either repair and restore the shoes for resale, reuse them into new Merrell items, or recycle them for other reasons.

Sustainability Commitment By Merrell ‘This Is Home’

“The goal of This is Home is to rekindle our emotive connection to the natural world around us by encouraging more people to broaden their local experiences,”

Chris Hufnagel, Merrell’s Brand President

“The Merrell ReTread initiative is a significant step forward in our commitment to sustainability,

Allowing us to increase the lifespan of our Merrell footwear while also providing individuals with more options for reducing their environmental impact.”

Merrell is committed to reaching or surpassing the following sustainability objectives by 2025 through the This Is Home platform,

In addition to keeping 300,000 pairs of boots out of landfills through the ReTread reclamation program:

  • 100% of products will contain organic, recycled, or renewable materials
  • 100% responsibly sourced apparel materials
  • Reduce shoe and apparel samples by 50%
  • Reduce plastic packaging
  • Complete 10,000 volunteer hours
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