This Sneaker Collaboration Is Popular Among Gamers &amp

This Sneaker Collaboration Is Popular Among Gamers &amp

There’s something about sneakers that makes them irresistible to many.

Whether they’re sneakers from your favourite basketball team,

The new Nike shoes that just came out, or a specific model of sneaker you want, there is something about these sporty footwear items that draws fans in.

And for those who love sneakers even more than games and sports, sneaker collaborations are definitely something you want to check out.

Collaborations between sneakers and other brands are becoming more and more popular, with consumers often wanting to buy items that represent two different passions of theirs together.

For sneakerheads, collaborations between beloved brands and iconic sneakers are a dream come true.

So if you’re looking for something unique to add to your footwear collection, be sure to check out some of the most popular sneaker collaborations on the market right now!

This sustainable shoe collaboration with Razer & Cariuma is perfect for Earth Month.

Razer is recognised for its contemporary gaming hardware,

Such as RBG keyboards that glow up the room and high-performance computers such as the Razer Blades 15,

However, did you even know the firm is renowned for some of the best (and strangest) collaborations of all time?

With Razer x Fossil to the Hello Kitty gaming accessory collection in pink and white,

As well as a venture commitment into a sustainability products firm famed for its hemp toilet roll (as part of the brand’s #GoGreenWithRazer effort), the brand has done it all.

But Razer’s most recent product release is undoubtedly the most gorgeous and jaw-dropping of them all,

And it arrives just in time to help you celebrate Earth Month.

Razer unveiled its new footwear lineup with Cariuma, a sustainable footwear manufacturer, on January 25, 2022.

The canvas sneaker comes in four different variants, with sizing options for men and women. The cost of admission is $89.

After Razer’s adorable bright green & black snake emblem, which covers each elevated / low top shoe choice, these new shoes have been nicknamed ‘Senki Snek’ sneakers.

Each Razer x Cariuma shoe is also made of organic cotton and sturdy canvas.

The vegan footbed is constructed of cork, memory foam, and mamona oil for any comfort and support.

And, in keeping with the ongoing theme of sustainability, the customisable laces are all made from recycled plastic.

To be additional environmentally mindful,

Razer & Cariuma will plant ten plants for every pair of shoes sold, with a goal of ten million trees planted by the end of the series.

With each milestone attained, the brand promised to offer more Senki Snek merchandise – the most recent milestone being one million, for which Razer issued a Senki Snek sweatshirt.

Here, you can keep records of all the Razer gear released and the progress of the brand’s environmental efforts.

Some dimensions of such Cariuma x Razer designs are currently sold out, so get your favourite pair of ecological shoes as soon as possible.

Look through our Environment Month gift guide for additional ideas on how to help the environment in the run-up to Earth Day.

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