The Story of P.J. Tucker: $250,000 Shoes

The Story of P.J. Tucker: $250,000 Shoes

Today’s news, The Story of P.J. Tucker: $250,000 Shoes

P.J. Tucker’s $250,000 shoes are one of the most expensive pairs of shoes around.

The story behind them is an interesting one.

On The Ringer, Dominic Ciambrone, known as the “Shoe Surgeon,” discussed some of the athletes and celebrities with whom he has worked on customizing and creating shoes.

Miami Heat power forward P.J. Tucker was just one of the individuals he collaborated with.

Tucker was in China a few years ago when he saw a pair of shoes that were made out of gold and diamonds. He fell in love with them and knew he had to have them.

Unfortunately, they were way out of his price range.

So Tucker decided to have a pair made himself.

Source: YouTube

He worked with a designer to create a replica of the original shoes and had them shipped to him.

I was working on a golden diamond concept for a while,” Ciambrone added in the interview.

“For me, it wasn’t only about adding glitz and glam to a sneaker. I don’t want to just put golden diamonds on a shoe for the sake of doing so.”

“I think it should be done in a beautiful manner that is tasteful, yet it must also serve several purposes.”

At the time they were designed, Tucker was still a member of the Milwaukee Bucks.

His former teammate Giannis Antetokounmpo was in awe of Tucker’s shoes.

“Today, this individual was wearing a pair of $250,000 shoes,” Antetokounmpo said in the postgame presser.

“I’m telling you, he had genuine diamonds.”

The total cost of the shoes was $250,000.

But Tucker says they’re worth it. He wears them all the time and they always turn heads.

So if you’re ever in Miami and see P.J. Tucker on the court, be sure to check out his amazing shoes!

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