The Conversion Of A Trailer Into A Shoe Shack By A Swanton Couple

The Conversion Of A Trailer Into A Shoe Shack By A Swanton Couple

Today’s news, The Conversion Of A Trailer Into A Shoe Shack By A Swanton Couple,

On a recent Sunday morning, a quarter of people had collected all around tiny blue trailer parking at Toledo’s Northside Green Park,

Even before it had been entirely unloaded.

They were ready to choose their footwear.

Rows of men’s shoes, boots, and formal shoes were neatly stacked on wooden shelves inside the trailer.

Women’s footwear was exhibited on folding tables and metal racks in front of a red pop-up tent.

Brenda and Dutch Neitzke of Swanton run the Shoe Shack trailer, which is known as the Shoe Shack.

The shoes, many of which are brand new or very new, are given away for free to persons who are homeless or have fallen on hard times.

Ms. Neitzke, 70, who worked for doctors and as a flight crew before retiring, said, “Everyone in life falls down in their fortunes once in a while and needs some support.

“Since 2020, the Shoe Shack has been a part of a bigger gathering at the park every Sunday at 11 a.m.

The weekly activities, which were once handled by an organization called Backpacks for Humans, are now run by a loose group of volunteers who distribute clothes, hygiene items, hot coffee, and meals to individuals in need.

According to Ms. Neitzke, the couple began volunteering at UpTown Green Park in mid-2020.

Karen Peterson, a fellow volunteer, asked whether they would be willing to lead the shoe section of the events.

They were suddenly awash in donated shoes, which they placed out on folding tables at the park, which is located between 18th and 20th streets off Madison Avenue.

But, as Ms. Neitzke explained, they had the small enclosed trailer lying around, and Mr. Neitzke, a firefighter, believed he could turn it into a mobile shoe store.”

I’m going to turn this into a shoe shack,” he says. Ms. Neitzke recalled something.

It was a huge success. Once a month, the pair takes it to the park, and they’ve also carried it to other Toledo events when people need shoes.

Mrs. Peterson said that word about the Shack has spread,

Someone from Cleveland contacted the UpTown park volunteer group, asking if the trailer might be used in Cleveland, and another enquired about taking it to Mexico.

The Neitzkes have been thinking about getting a bigger trailer.

One man needed new boots on a Sunday morning since his old ones were torn from tree work.

Another man was looking for sneakers because his current Velcro boots had been damaged while painting houses.

Most weekends, Arzlar Evans Jr. walks to the Northside park activities, either to pick up anything he needs or to lend a hand.

He only needed one item on Sunday, a new pair of tennis shoes so he could use his other pair to get muddy and greasy working on cars in the garage.

He left with a pair of new-looking black and white shoes in size 10.

I come out for everything,” the 64-year-old explained.

“But if I don’t require it, I will not obtain it. I’m not a greedy person.”

The Neitzkes collect shoes from all over, but “we don’t give away something we wouldn’t wear ourselves,” according to Ms. Neitzke.

On Facebook, they occasionally appeal for donations of specific hard-to-find sizes.

They occasionally come upon them at yard sales.

Occasionally, another person of the volunteer will come across a large number of shoes at a low price, such as the woman who just purchased a pallet of shoes for $50, many of which were brand new.

Other times, the couple resorts to members of their own family.

“I have 14 grandkids,” Ms. Neitzke explained, “and I’ll tell them,

OK, folks, you don’t need all these boots or stuff.”

And then they go through their belongings.

The Neitzkes are among roughly 200 volunteers who assist put up the UpTown park donation activities every Sunday morning, according to Mrs. Peterson.

One woman assists in the search for men’s apparel.

Others bake or cook.

A group of women recently met to repair many ruined coats, she said.

Mrs. Peterson stated that as the weather warms, attendance from the homeless community and others will increase.

Over the two-hour period when they are open, the volunteers have previously served roughly 150 people.

The couple and Ms. Neitzke’s daughter,

Stacie Sime, gave away around a dozen pairs of shoes within minutes of the Shoe Shack starting for business last Sunday.

Ms. Neitzke told one customer that while the current collection was primarily shoes and boots, additional sandals would be available in six weeks.

“God bless you!” she exclaimed.

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