Supporting Emergency Response Teams With Donated Shoes

Supporting Emergency Response Teams With Donated Shoes

Today’s news, Supporting emergency response teams with donated shoes,

It’s time to dig deep into the dark recesses of your closet and unearth the pair of shoes you purchased on a whim

And haven’t worn in three years, because you can give them to a good cause.

The NBCERT Foundation is collecting gently used shoes till April 22 to help fundraise funds for tools and materials that the organization needs to benefit the community.

Since its inception in 2010, the team has aided the New Braunfels community by assisting the city’s first responders in times of need,

Such as during the pandemic, when the team got together to assist in the operation of COVID-19 clinics.

Members of the group assist first responders by assessing damage, assisting with housing operations for displaced people, and participating in search and rescue activities.

They even helped during the Seguin natural gas outage by providing water.

The team is funded by the city of New Braunfels, but they are not funded by the city,

Thus the fire dept and the Office of Emergency Preparedness bear the financial burden.

However, that money can only go so far with the program, which is where the foundations come in.

“The foundation is critical to the CERT team because it allows us to go out and raise additional funding to support the community and assist in our response,” said NBCERT program director Lisa Rubey.

“When the city is able to provide for us, they do a fantastic job, but having that foundation in place is critical to our success.”

The charity collaborated with Funds2Orgs on a shoe drive for this year’s campaign.

The fundraising group aids local NGOs in collecting and repurposing shoe contributions from the public.

The fundraising project’s goal is to provide jobs for individuals and keep shoes out of landfills.

The NBCERT Foundation will receive $0.40 for every pound of shoes collected by Funds2Orgs.

Since the campaign began on March 2, the foundation has acquired over 1,000 pairs of good leather or new donated shoes, thanks to Saturday’s Drive-By Drop-Off event.

“We’re taking everything,” Jennifer Brinkerhoff, the NBCERT Foundation’s fundraising director, said.

“Men’s, women’s, and children’s shoes are all welcome.”

We’ve had slippers, sandals, men’s formal shoes, and a lot of sneakers.”

Despite the fact that Brinkerhoff is surrounded by heaps and piles of shoes, the organization is still short of its 2,500-pair goal,

And with just over two weeks to go, they are pleading with people to scour their closets for shoes to donate.

I’ll keep looking for shoes,’ or ‘I’ll talk to my neighbors about shoes,’

Or ‘I’ll go to church and ask people for shoes,'” Brinkerhoff explained.

“Our community has recently undergone a transformation.”

From noon to 3 p.m., New Braunfels City Hall’s parking lot will host a second Drive-By Drop-Off event.

There are several other places in town where people can drop off gently used shoes:

• New Braunfels Public Library

• Das Rec

• Burn Boot Camp

• Anytime Fitness

• Two Rivers Running

• New Braunfels City Hall

• Family Mattress and Furniture

• The Perky Peacock

• Office Depot

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