Sneaker Recycling Trend Through Tire & Rubber |The Growing (2022) Trend|

Sneaker Recycling Trend Through Tire & Rubber |The Growing (2022) Trend|

We all listen to the recycling concept,

But Sneaker Recycling Trend Through Tire & Rubber is a new invention.

In the past, sneakers were disposed of by throwing them into the trash.

However, since there are many sneaker lovers who want to preserve their sneakers through recycling and trading, companies have been set up to help with this process.

Sneaker recycling is a growing trend in the market and it is not just limited to collecting old sneakers.

There are also companies that collect used shoes from different locations.

They then sell these shoes on their website or at trade events like Sneaker Con.

The process of sneaker recycling involves taking apart the shoe and separating out materials in order to make new items like bags or other products.

While going back to Indonesia in 2004,

Indosole president Kyle Parson interacted with thousands of used car tires.

Tires in automobiles are a potential source of lethal infections and also have a significant environmental impact.

Indosole has come up with a better solution to the crisis by recycling them and using them as the foundation for all slippers’ outsoles.

Indosole diverts 1,5k tires from landfills each day by converting them into flip-flop soles.

Indosole aspires to move away from the evergreen presentations,

And toward a more refreshing approach since he is dedicated to giving education to the masses.

shoes reused

Indosole believes that using a lighthearted approach, will be able to positively influence future generations’ shopping habits.

In keeping with the Indosole concept and the classic ESSNTL collection,

The environmentally concerned firm has experimented with new waste-based materials.

Indosole is taking green to the next level with the SS22 collection, testing with recycling sneakers.

What’s the end result?

In grey, red, and orange, elegant flip flops and slippers with a unique recycled sole.

The SETT is being used to create the LOST SOLE collection for SS22 (Sole Engineered Tire Technology).

Indosole stops sneakers from entering landfills and being burnt by collecting past sneaker styles from leading shoe companies and turning them into attractive slippers.

“Indosole’s signature feature has been our “recycled tire sole technology,” which can be found on all of our shoes.

This year, we’ve resurrected “The Lost Sole,” a fresh and fascinating material innovation that adds more color and personality to the brand.

We’re intercepting sneaker pieces from big footwear firms and getting them on the streets as a fresh pair of Indosole sandals, using the same method we use to powderize our tires.

In Spring, look for our revolutionary sneakers sole flips and slide in Orange, Red, and White.

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