School Collects Shoes To Raise Money For Ukraine

School Collects Shoes To Raise Money For Ukraine

Today’s news, School Collects Shoes To Raise Money For Ukraine

A fundraising drive for Ukraine will begin on April 19 at Lafayette Christian School.

They’re collecting gently used shoes to donate to Funds2Orgs, a social enterprise.

Funds2Orgs will purchase the donated shoes from the school and distribute them to small enterprises in impoverished countries for resale.

The money raised by Funds2Orgs will be distributed to victims of the Ukraine war by The Rock Apostolic Church.

The church has already made contact with those involved in Ukraine’s rescue operations.

“It’s difficult not to want to sit back and say, ‘I want something,'” said Michelle Tuinstra, a teacher.

“We’d like to assist them in some way.”

Lafayette Christian School teachers are hoping to collect 2,500 pairs of shoes.

Fundraisers like this, according to teacher Stephanie Graves, are a learning time for her kids.

Sometimes they think they can’t contribute in any manner because they’re young, Graves told News 18.

However, this is a very concrete method for people to see the result of their labor.

They can donate, which can help in a variety of ways.

Graves’ children are learning about besides service projects as a result of the fundraiser’s many moving pieces.

It was really excellent in terms of showcasing the different regions on maps and talking about how companies can make money,

“Where that profit can go, and how we can help,” she said.

Tuinstra claims that participation isn’t just for students.

We also know that a lot of folks are cleaning out their closets at this time of year,” she added.

And you probably have a lot of shoes in your closet that could be given. It’s truly a win-win situation.

Shoe donations can be dropped up at the school’s front office, which is located at 525 N 26 St. in Lafayette.

They welcome new or gently used shoes in all sizes, as well as any sporting footwear, such as ice skates and soccer cleats.

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