SCAD Has Launched First Accredited Sneaker Design Minor.

SCAD Has Launched First Accredited Sneaker Design Minor.

With the growing popularity of sneakers, SCAD(Savannah College of Art and Design)Has Launched its first

approved sneaker design minor.

Based on the interest of the students and students’ success in the industry, the minor is planned to impel

graduates to the best of the $80 billion universal industry.

SCAD is working before then with international brands such as Adidas, Nike, YeezySkechers, Reebok,

and Yeezy, and creating their international successful brands.

The first sneaker design creator was a student which is enrolled this week.

The SCAD sneaker plan minor is accessible to understudies at both SCAD Savannah and Atlanta areas

and incorporates unused courses particularly made to educate inventive and economical plan

and fabricating practices.

The minor comprises five courses that will offer assistance to understudies’ progress in their information

and plan abilities in outlining, rendering, concept advancement, advanced prototyping,

and branding for extravagance and high-performance tennis shoes.

The courses are outlined to assist understudies graduates with a proficient portfolio that incorporates

both physical and computerized models of unique sneaker plans.

At the next SCADStyle 2022 flagship event, SCAD will launch two sneaker design discussions.

SCAD graduates will participate in the panel “Up Your Game: The Future of Sneaker Design,” hosted by

SCAD teacher and sneaker designer Michael Mack, on April 5 in Savannah and April 6 in Atlanta.

SCAD’s president and creator, Paula Wallace, said SCAD graduates work for some of the industry’s

greatest names, noting that SCAD alum Quintin Williams co-founded Q4Sports alongside NBA legends,

where he is the co-founder and chief global designer.

“So numerous SCAD Bees are as of now at the best of their amusement when it comes to sneakers,

and SCAD’s new sneaker design program gives prospective sneakerheads everywhere a leg up on the

competition.” “It’s a dunk,” Wallace added.

Students at both SCAD Savannah and SCAD Atlanta can pursue a sneaker design minor, which includes

new courses aimed at promoting innovative and sustainable design and production processes.

The minor consists of five classes that teach drawing, rendering, concept development, digital

prototyping, and branding for luxury and high-performance sneakers.

These courses give students access to cutting-edge technology tools and ensure that they graduate with

a portfolio that includes both physical and digital prototypes of original sneaker designs.

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