Rihanna Was Recently Spotted Wearing Such Vegan Adidas Samba Sneakers.

Rihanna Was Recently Spotted Wearing Such Vegan Adidas Samba Sneakers.

Adidas has created a vegan version of their Samba sneakers, which Rihanna was spotted wearing recently.

The sneakers are made with sustainable materials and have no animal products in them.

In addition to her much-publicized relationships with Chris Brown, Drake and others,

Rihanna is a vegetarian who name-checks the likes of Alicia Silverstone in her latest track

“We Found Love.” In 2009 she told Glamour Magazine, ‘You see my veins?

Eating meat just makes me weak.’

They are also designed to be environmentally friendly, as they have a closed-loop construction that helps reduce waste.

This is great news, as Adidas has long been a leader in creating ethical and sustainable products.

Their sneakers are sure to inspire others to take up veganism or adopt more environmentally friendly practices.

Rihanna is one of our favourite artists for a number of reasons.

The mom-to-be is a true fashion queen, as well as a chart-topping musician and astute businesswoman,

One of her most recent ensembles illustrates that you don’t have to spend the money to look effortlessly chic.

The “Diamonds” singer wore a textured navy blue top blouse and short skirt on a recent stroll in Malibu, telling us there were no boundaries when it comes to pregnancy style.

While the outfit was designed by Alaia, this was Rih’s shoes that caught our attention.

The beauty mogul wore casual Adidas Samba sneakers for $90, and we adore how she mixed high-end and low-cost in one eye-catching look.

The sneakers are made of faux leather and are sold at Adidas & Amazon.

They’re normally $90, but several styles (in colours other than Rihanna’s) are on offer at both sites.

The Adidas Samba sneakers, which were originally designed as an indoor football shoes, have evolved into daily sneakers that you’ll like to wear off the field.

They’ve also been reinvented for a more modern audience.

The T-toe adds a playful touch, while the basic gum sole goes with everything.

They’re also helpful. It’s difficult to find comfy vegan shoes of excellent quality, but these are fantastic.

“I’ve been wearing them that week and adore them,” one Adidas client wrote.

“Excellent fit, really comfortable, and I enjoy the design,” said another.

“These have quickly become one of my favourite pairs of sneakers.”

“Every step of the process demonstrates the product’s high quality.

They go with a wide range of clothes and may be worn in a variety of settings

“Another Adidas aficionado has expressed his dissatisfaction with the company ‘s decision to change their notoriously wobbly Sambas, writing:

“I’ve always loved Adidas shoes, but with the new design changes they’ve made on their Sambas I can no longer stand them.”

“Adidas has done an amazing job at keeping up with fashion trends,” another said.

“But even though these shoes may not be super trendy right now, they still hold up to a lot of popular styles and are very versatile.”

They’re great for us if they’re nice enough for Rihanna! Have the look as soon as possible.

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