Reebok Re-Introduce Its Well-Known Sneaker in 2022

Reebok Re-Introduce Its Well-Known Sneaker in 2022

With the help of Nigerian singer Tems, Rebok re-introduces its well-known Leather sneakers.

Tems is putting on her Reeboks and assisting the company in moving forward:

The sportswear behemoth has just unveiled a new campaign with the Nigerian artist,

in which the two will work together to reissue an iconic shoe in 2022.

The new ad, called “Life is Classic,” introduces Reebok’s Classic Leather sneakers for the

Spring/Summer 22 season.

The new launch of the throwback sneakers adds the Iconic Leather 1983 vintage,

it impresses with the old 1983 sneakers’ original iteration,

and also adds white Gum as we have seen on items.

The shoes include a lot of vintage-inspired features, making them excellent for casual ensembles. now has the recently introduced unisex Classic Leather collection, which starts at $80.

Reebok released their first association with Tems in “Life is Not a Spectator Sport” last month,

a new brand floor that also includes Allen Iverson, Arca, and Brent Faiyaz as team members.

In addition to Tems, “Life is Classic,” which Reebok characterizes as a “product story” centered on the Classics,

features “emerging creative talent” such as Maurice Harris, Tsunaina, Ghetts, Lolo Zoua,

and Lazarus Lynch.Tems also announced her association with Reebok via Instagram,

she posts a video of herself wearing well-known Leathers in the White/Gum

colorway with the caption “Life Is Not a Spectator Sport.”In a news release,

Fionna McQueen, Senior Director of Classics Product at Reebok, notes,

“Classic Leather is one of Reebok’s most timeless shoes that has proven

itself throughout the years as a real icon within the industry.”

“We’re pleased to relaunch the Classic Leather for Spring/Summer ’22 and build on its tradition.”

The diverse group of creatives with whom we’ve collaborated to convey our

‘Life is Classic’ tale serves to honor the silhouette’s unique history while also

redefining what it means to be a Classic today.”

Reebok characteristics apart, Tems has been making waves.

With a cameo on Drake’s Certified Lover Boy,

the Nigerian native gained widespread attention and then released If Orange Was a Place,

one of our favorite albums of the year.

Reebok is a shoe company that has made a name for itself in pop culture with its tennis,

gym, and basketball shoes, as well as celebrity endorsements on limited-edition shoes.

It’s a well-known brand that a lot of people like.

With a long history of evolutionary technology and design improvements,

they can compete with major competitors Adidas and Nike.

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