Nike Will Collaborate With Nike Air Max Penny Models In 2022

Nike Will Collaborate With Nike Air Max Penny Models In 2022

Today’s News, In 2022, Nike will Collaborate With Nike Air Max Penny Models

Nike has announced two new Air Max Penny collaborations that will be released in 2022.

The first is with streetwear brand Social Status, and the second is with multimedia artist Curtis Kulig.

Both sneakers are inspired by Penny’s unique style and feature a mix of materials and colors.

The Social Status Air Max Penny 1 comes in a black, white, and gold colorway, while the Curtis Kulig Air Max Penny 1 is decked out in pink, blue, and white.

Both sneakers are highly sought-after by collectors and the release of each will undoubtedly cause a frenzy.

So if you’re a fan of Air Max Penny sneakers, make sure to mark these dates in your calendar!

Since social status offers its brand mission through its product launches, we continued to learn that sneakers can serve a higher purpose.

With its free lunches that were launched in 2021,

We were reminded of the importance of access to food and how free summertime lunches were a major part of the development of inner-city children.

The Air Max Penny has been on hiatus since 2017 as Penny Hardaway’s first shoe, the retro sneaker model, hasn’t appeared in five years.

While we know the original Orlando-inspired colors will be returning,

A firm called Social Status, which promotes youth sports and activity, used a well-planned style with swappable Swoosh logos.

Nike Will Collaborate With Nike Air Max Penny Models

This sporty sneaker also comes with a chalkboard insole, a pattern on the outsole depicting various recess sports, and is high quality.

On each seam, the following logos are used to represent a different sport.

The writing on the insole not only reads the store name.

But most people would also be inclined to believe that the phrase “the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog” is just a mundane penmanship exercise.

The design of the sneaker is built to appeal to both men and women, so you don’t have to choose between them.

Shared with us previously, the Swoosh logos that come accompanied may be positioned around the shoe as desired,

So there’s definitely some creativity involved depending on how ornate you want to get.

We’ve already shown you photos of the beige pair, but a black pair is also on display, perhaps signifying the asphalt in school playgrounds.

They also featured premium pull tabs, a co-branded logo on the heel, and custom shoe boxes.

Social Status has yet to announce a release date,

But we’re excited to see what it has in store for this long-awaited launch.

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