Most Expensive Sneakers Under $200,000 And More Than 1,500 Diamonds On Beckham’s Feet

Most Expensive Sneakers Under  $200,000 And More Than 1,500 Diamonds On Beckham’s Feet

Odell Beckham Jr. is a NIKE-sponsored athlete, so we all know what kind of dew he puts on his sneakers every time he plays.

But the Rams’ wideout is arguably most excited about participating in his first Super Bowl.

As a result, he decided to request a unique job that could only be completed by a single shoe specialist.

For those unfamiliar, the ‘Shoe Surgeon’ is a well-known sneaker artist who dismantles old footwear and replaces it with high-end materials.

He frequently employs several kinds of animal hides and sells pairs for thousands of dollars.

Odell Odell Jr. is a regular customer of the Shoe Surgeon, and he had a new special job done on him.

For today’s game, Odell’s customary cleats were dismantled,

But the Shoes Surgeon added an incredible feature that he doesn’t do very frequently.

Although each sneaker has a large swoosh on each side, Odell requested that they be filled with top-tier diamonds.

The Shoe Surgeon’s final job is extremely amazing.

As he stepped onto SoFi’s Stadium field to take a lap around it,

Odell was already wearing his new sneakers in the field warm-up.

But that’s not all; the Shoe Surgeon chose the royal blue and yellow python leather for the shoes as well.

Most expensive sneakers under  $200,000

What kind of diamonds do Odell Beckham’s cleats contain?

The diamonds have a total carat mass of 25 carats and 1,494 D color immaculate clarity diamonds, according to the Shoe Surgeon himself.

The diamonds are split evenly across the two squiggles. In addition, the cleats contain 150 grams of 14 karats yellow gold,

Which sits just beneath the diamonds. These displays took more than 100+ hours to produce,

And according to craftsman, and are worth a whopping $200,000.

Jalen Ramsey, Cooper Kupp, and Von Miller are among the three Rams players for whom the shoe surgeon designed cleats.

Vince Carter’s $6,700 Nike Air Max 720s ($7,200)

Vince Carter is known for his flashy sneakers and he’s not shy about showing them off.

On July 23, 2016, Vince Carter posted a photo of himself wearing a pair of newly-released Nike Air Max 720s on Instagram.

The shoes were made in collaboration with the NBA Hall of Famer and had a retail price of $7,200.

The photo was taken at the Nike Store on Fifth Avenue in New York City where Carter had just purchased his new shoes.

The photo shows that Vince is wearing the sneakers with an all-black outfit and black socks to match.

Joe Montana’s $4.5K Nike Smash-Mate boots ($5.3K)

Joe Montana’s $4.5K Nike Smash-Mate boots ($5.3K) are an iconic piece of sports memorabilia that has been worn by many athletes, including LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

The Nike boots were introduced in 1984 and became a hit with consumers.

The popularity of the shoes led to a demand for these types of shoes that eventually led to the release of other models like the “Superman” and “Bionic.”

In November 2013, Nike released a limited edition version of the shoe that was created by Michael Jordan himself.

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