Marc Fisher Shoes Continues Its Push Into The Men’s Market.

Marc Fisher Shoes Continues Its Push Into The Men’s Market.

Marc Fisher, a leading American shoemaker whose mostly men’s shoes are popularly priced at below $100, is set to launch its first women’s shoe line in over 20 years this coming September.

Marc Fisher will design five different models for the new range, which the brand claims will “capture the spirit” of his good men’s shoes.

Pricing for each style has not yet been released but they are expected to fall below $100.

The move by Marc Fisher is in keeping with the company’s goal of becoming more inclusive, both for its male and female customers.

“There are a lot of women who love our shoes,” said Rossana Ortega, senior vice president at Marc Fisher North America.

“Now we’re giving them an opportunity to create their own style.”

Marc Fisher has had an illustrious history in the men’s market, having been founded over 30 years ago by designer Marc Fisher.

His shoes have become staples of many wardrobe items for stylish men looking to elevate their look without breaking the bank.

It is interesting to see a company like Marc Fisher move into the women’s market given that there are already so many options out there.

However, with such high-quality products and prices that fall below $ 100, it is likely that Marc Fisher will maintain its market share.

After announcing the launch of the Marc Fisher Limited brand’s first men’s line a month ago, parent firm Marc Fisher Shoes is expanding into the market once more, this year with Easy Spirit.

The 35-year-old comfortable shoe company is debuting its first men’s collection today, which includes a range of sports and casual shoes, dress shoes, slip-ons, and slides priced from $49 to $120., and also large national retailers such as Macy’s, Zappos,, and others, will carry the shoes.

In 2017, Marc Fisher Footwear purchased Easy Spirit from 9 West Holdings.

Marc Fisher, the company’s founder and CEO, stated at the time that the aim was to “extend the product selection to a wider customer market globally.”

And he’s following through on his pledge. “Easy Spirit was a great choice for us to introduce men’s,” Fisher told FN of the latest launch.

We know that our women’s line has a committed following that prioritises comfort. We created a lifestyles line for men based on that tournament comfort and design expertise.”

He went on to say that the brand’s strategy is based on two principles: comfort and a well-made shoe.

“We’re the specialists when it comes to creating comfortable shoes with strategically incorporated features, but now they’re tailored to him.”

While Fisher is most recognised for his fashionable women’s footwear, he is keen to stress out that he is no stranger to the men’s market.

For years, the CEO said, he’s been designing men’s shoes for licencing partners like Tommy Hilfiger or Guess.

As a result, he has a thorough understanding of how the sector has evolved in recent years.

“The men’s business is always evolving, and I believe it’s because men are leading more multi-faceted lives than ever before, and males want easy, well-made footwear that are flexible and won’t break the budget,”

Fisher said. “It’s up to us to stay on top of the latest trends and create shoes that provide him with the support he requires throughout the day.”

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