Limited-Edition Sneakers From Volley Feature

Limited-Edition Sneakers From Volley Feature

Volley is releasing a sneaker collaborating with Travis Scott that features the rapper’s signature mullet hairstyle.

The sneakers are available now at Volleyball stores and online.

The most iconic shoe in Australia has just gotten even more bogan! Volley introduces MULLET-emblazoned limited-edition sneakers for a good cause.

Since 1939, the legendary Volley has been a favourite shoe option for many Australians, and now it arrives with a mullet.

The unmistakable shoes are part of a partnership with the Black Dog Foundation to improve men’s health consciousness.

The Legacy High Mullet volleys are limited-edition and feature a homage on the heel to the iconic hairstyle that Melbourne Wave NRL superstar Ryan Papenhuyzen maintains more than most.

Volley has been producing its popular sneakers since the commencement of World War Two, which numerous Australians have proudly worn.

They have been the boots of preference for Australian athletes competing in the London 2012 Olympic Games and the Tokyo Olympics last year.

Tennis legends Rod Laver & Mark Edmondson and ACDC’s Angus Young wore Volleys while at the top of their game.

The mullet ponytail just at the back of the 2021 edition is detachable.

The Black Dog Institute’s Big hair for Mental Health campaign will receive 100% of the proceeds.

Tasman Cassim, senior consultant of partnerships at Black Dog Institute, believes the boots will be widespread.

She said  that they had been blown away by the response to our Ponytails for Psychiatric fundraiser,

But now to get a Volley sneaker with a mullet connected to strengthen even more dollars for mental health, they are ecstatic,’.

According to the company’s website, the Vintage High Mullet volleys may cost $85.

The Vintage High Wig volleys are based on a partnership with the Black Dog Foundation to promote men’s health awareness.

The legendary Volley, worn by notable Australians like Rod Laver of tennis and Angus Young of ACDC, now appears with a mullet.

Volley has teamed up with the lyrical genius that is Travis Scott for a limited-edition sneaker release.

The Revenant sneaker was created in collaboration with the Houston rapper, who has lent his vocal talents to the shoes’ lyrics.

The Volley x Travis Scott Revenant sneakers come in three colourways that feature the rapper’s signature mullet hairstyle.

They are available now at Volleyball stores and online.

The sneaker is inspired by Scott’s upcoming album Astroworld, which is due on August 3rd.

The Revenant sneakers are available now at Volley’s online store and select retailers worldwide.

The shoes, titled “MULLET,” are a tribute to the rapper’s signature look and feature an all-white colourway with Mullet printed across the front of each shoe.

Only 1,000 pairs of these sneakers will be made available for purchase, and they will start shipping on February 10th.

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