Keds Invests In Sneakers

Keds Invests In Sneakers

Famous shoe brand Keds launched a brand new and energetic introduction in shoes to emphasize the

brand’s rich heritage.

Going forward this spring, the unused sports runner celebrates Keds’ infamous sketch and unique vintage


Fashion involves bringing back authentic Renaissance shoes, drawn straight from the Keds document.

The reintroduction of this Keds legacy is like the beginning of the Keds’ journey to enhance and rethink

shoe fashion today.

“As the creator of the women’s primary sneaker, this archive brings back the silhouette and celebrates its

history within the sneaker space, showcasing the best of the Keds; A brand of casual sneaker shoes with


It marks the first return of our Renaissance sneaker which has not been accessible to buyers for over 30


We are thrilled to send our true limited edition colorway in association with our colleague Bodega,

”says Jen Lynch, Vice President and Joint General Manager of Keds.”We look forward to celebrating

and showcasing our heritage and the depth of our records with top-notch launch management

throughout the year”.

Delivery of a limited edition Renaissance shoe will reward the rich running legacy of the Keds

and reconsider their inclusion in this category.

Running on the classic foot of their unique coach, the Renaissance features the vintage Keds logo, retro

work, and calfskin toe overlays.

As it included all accessible up to 300 seats, the collector’s combine would be independently numbered in

gold embossing and applied in retro bundling.

The Renaissance shoe will be available for purchase starting April 21 and will only be available at Bodega

for a limited amount at $ 85 retail.

“The Renaissance was a fantastic demonstration when it came to the festival scene because running

sneaker shoes were affecting their walk.

As we have seen for decades, this demonstration was not like His claim was dropped at the time, but it is

significant, in fact, with time. Probably more than ever.

It’s too late for recovery, “said Matt Zaremba, Bodega’s chief of promotions.

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