Informa Markets Talks About How Trade Shows Are Becoming More Popular

Informa Markets Talks About How Trade Shows Are Becoming More Popular

Footwear accessories and fashion trade shows are back in action after a short break in 2020.

And, according to some industry professionals,

These showcases that bring together buyers, brands, and retailers are here to stay.

“It’s not going away,” said Kelly Helfman, president of Informa Markets Fashion (IMF),

Which organizes Project, Magic, Coterie, and Sourcing at Magic events.

I believe trade shows and live fashion occasions will be more common than ever now, with people eager to attend.

This week, nearly 1,500 distributors gathered at the Las Vegas Convention Hall for the Magic, Project, and Sourcing at Magic shows,

Which were held Feb. 14-16. The three-day event went digital in February 2020 due to COVID-19 health concerns, but it will return in August 2021.

Helfman noted that since the come back to in-person, trade shows have gained traction. She stated,

For example, the most significant incident in Las Vegas saw increased registration,

More big-box department store buyers, more global attendees, and more top-level executives.

She explained that the response reflects the overwhelming industry desire to get it out, see new products, and see old friends.

“People are starting to get tired of our product,” CEO Montgomery said.

“And while it has kept the lights running during the pandemic, they must come here to touch, feel, and then see for themselves how effective our product is.”


Trade shows have long been an important part of the sales and footwear industries.

However, as the company has evolved, so have these events.

Aside from B2B sales, the show now focuses on delivering retailers with the tools they need to develop omnichannel strategies, digital businesses, and direct-to-consumer.

The trade show has shifted from the days of showcasing physical items to focusing on products that are at the edge of technology.

“Every year, we should evolve in response to how our industry evolves.”

At the same time, brand participants and organizers stated that a focus on in-person connectivity and item discovery will always be fundamental to the shows.

Helfman elaborates on the idea that it’s all about culture. “It’s not just about the hard work and good pay. There’s a lot more to it.” Your industry friends are just a part of it and sticking with your industry is important too.

We saw lots of hugging at the show. It was a really nice moment.

Dave Moore, VP of wholesale at Johnston & Murphy, which exhibited at Project in Las Vegas, said.

This season’s merchandise was characterized by “optimism and playfulness,” with bold colors such as hot pink, highlighter yellow, and lime green.

“In this industry, as in most industry sectors, you look forward to seeing some of these wonderful people with whom you develop relationships every three or six months, and trade shows are a good opportunity to do that.”

This sense of optimism was clearly reflected in the floor’s trends.

According to Courtney Bradarich, VP of women’s for Project and Coterie,

Western footwear and platform shoes were popular footwear styles.

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