Prevent Foot Problems With These Common Mistakes

Prevent Foot Problems With These Common Mistakes

Today’s news, Common shoe mistakes that could be crushing your feet

Not all shoes are made equal, regardless of price or brand name, from your $2 flip-flops to your $150 stilettos or running shoes.

If you’ve ever removed your heels after a hard day at work or removed your tennis shoes after a long run to discover blisters or an ingrown toenail,

You know how painful your shoes can be if you’re not careful.

“Inappropriate footwear can cause improper alignment and function of joints, tendons, and ligaments along the body by positioning them in an abnormal posture,” said Allison Rottman,

DPM, a podiatrist with Banner – University Medicine in Arizona. “When shoes are worn, lower and higher leg muscles may have to work harder.”

You Put On Shoes In The Morning

It is preferable to try on shoes later in the day rather than first thing in the morning.


“The more time you spend awake and standing, the more swollen your feet and legs become,” Dr. Rottman explained.

“Many people who buy shoes fail to account for any swelling that occurs naturally and end up buying shoes that are too tight.”

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You Are Wearing An Incorrect Shoe Size

Your shoe size from 20 to 30 years ago may not be the same as your shoe size now.

But you claim to be a size 7.5; why does the 8.5 seem to fit you better? Is it true that your feet have grown that much? Dr. Rottman responded, “Probably.”

“Tendons and ligaments stretch out and lose suppleness as we age, causing our feet to lengthen and shoe sizes to increase,” she explained.

“Shoe sizes can also alter due to weight fluctuations and medical issues.” As a result, many people grow into larger shoe sizes as they get older.”

You Still Wear Those Worn-Out Sneakers

Those shoes you bought 5, 10, or 20 years ago may be your favorites, but they are causing you more harm than good.

Many of us only discard our shoes when the sole has worn down or the heel has come off, but waiting this long can be inconvenient.

Plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, stress fractures, and shin splints can all be caused by wearing worn-out shoes, according to Dr. Rottman.

“This is due to the fact that worn-out shoes lack the padding and support required to protect our feet from injury.

Foot striking patterns can wear down the bottoms of shoes, causing an abnormal gait, which exacerbates the problem.”

The Soles Of Your Feet Are Bare

Do you take your shoes off the moment you enter through the door?

Taking your shoes off feels amazing for some people, but it can be a huge hardship for others.

Standing barefoot on hard surfaces such as tile or hardwood floors can place undue strain on your feet, creating or exacerbating pain.

“Walking over long periods of time without cushioning and support, particularly on hard surfaces, can result in blisters, stress fractures, shin splints, and overuse disorders like tendonitis and plantar fasciitis,” Dr. Rottman explained.

“Walking in and around pools can also put your feet at risk for waterborne infections and athlete’s foot.”

Walking about the house (and outside!) barefoot can put your feet at risk of stepping on sharp objects.

You’re wearing the wrong shoes for the job

You might believe it’s fine to go trekking in your sneakers, but you’d be putting yourself at risk of foot soreness or an ankle injury.

After a few blocks, strolling across New York City in flip-flops might be a major flop.

That’s because not every shoe is appropriate for every activity, but it’s a common blunder made by many people.

“Wearing shoes that aren’t designed for the activity puts you at risk for everything from blisters to fractured bones, sunburn, and trauma from stubbing your toes or objects falling on exposed parts of your feet,” Dr. Rottman added.

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