Our First Look At Lululemon’s First Sneakers

Our First Look At Lululemon’s First Sneakers

Today’s news, Check out the first Lululemon sneakers

This Vancouver-based sportswear success story isn’t content to rest on its laurels.

Els. Lululemon has been on a roll lately, equipping Team Canada for the Beijing Olympics.

It also released its first tennis collection, and now taking on the world’s footwear titans with its first sneakers.
The Blissfeel is the first Lululemon shoe to hit the market.

More are on the way this summer, including an interesting socklike sneaker that supports the ankles and a minimal pool slide sandal.

While many active shoe research focuses on men’s feet and biomechanics, Lululemon’s shoes are developed exclusively for women’s feet, according to the brand.

They were designed based on the feet scans of “more than a million women” for the brand.

The Blissfeel is made for jogging, with specially calibrated foam cushioning that softens your steps and propels you ahead.

The foot is kept dry with a moisture-wicking layer, and the cushioning surrounding the tongue and heel is meant to hug your foot securely from every angle.

From pink and slime green to elegant black-on-black-on-black, it comes in a range of colorways.

The Butter Peach and Scream Green Blissfeel shoes are gorgeous straight out of the box, with a sleek peach-colored top slowly dissolving into a pool of green slime.

Fun! With the Lulu logo at the heel, the style is sporty but classic.

For everyday use, I normally go with more lo-fi (think all-white Vans desert boots or Onitsuka Tigers), but when I put these on,

I immediately understood what I’d been losing out on by not wearing properly supportive sneakers.

My foot felt as though it were being hugged from every angle, lovingly but strongly.

I prefer to exercise barefoot because I prefer yoga, Pilates, and stretching, although I do walk a lot.

I initially put these shoes through an eight-hour test, which included a trip to the massive Ontario Science Centre with my four-year-old, which is literally like power-walking a marathon while weaving through a crowd of eager kids.

The shoes appeared to be assisting me in navigating the endless exhibitions and passageways; with each step,

I felt lightly driven ahead I feel like I could run pretty quickly in these if I wanted to. Raindrops slid right off the sneakers later in the day.

I paired them with neutrals to highlight the peach and green, and a classic leather jacket and tattered black jeans to contrast the sportier feel.

The pop of neon is very spring 2022, and it makes these easy to wear as a fashion piece; they also look fantastic with tights and a grey hoodie.

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