Budget Day Shoes Bought By The Federal Finance Minister Have Canadians Outraged

Budget Day Shoes Bought By The Federal Finance Minister Have Canadians Outraged

Today’s news, Budget day shoes bought by the federal finance minister have Canadians outraged.

Today (April 10), the Liberal government will unveil the 2022 budget in Ottawa,

And Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland will be wearing the same pair of brand new patent leather shoes from Montreal label L’intervalle to commemorate the event.

Her brand-new boots are part of a long if odd, custom in which Canadian finance ministers buy stylish boots for the budget reading.

Footwear is designed to represent the type of year the general public may expect.

In 1955, the custom was first mentioned in the media, although it was actually a notice concerning a breach of protocol.

Then Walter Harris told the Windsor Star and the Ottawa Citizen that he couldn’t afford them.

As a result, the true origin of the budget shoes remains unknown.

What we do know is that when Freeland shared a brief video on Instagram last night, she received a negative response.

Freeland paid a visit to L’intervalle’s Ottawa location, where she was welcomed by Vita (Vicky) Scalia, the co-founder,

Who displayed her line of vividly colored shoes in daring shapes with hefty platforms and funny loafers.

When compared to the seriousness of the nation’s budget, Freeland’s creative footwear raises some eyebrows.

However, in the end, she swapped out her sneakers for a pair of classic and understated black high heels.

This was opting out of the style L’intervalle is known for but in keeping with her role as a government official.

However, I’m not sure what that says about the budget.

The brand is Canadian, although it is made in Europe, and it is economical without being cheap. Do whatever you want with it.

Despite the fact that this is a long-standing custom both for men and women in this position,

It appears that the social media reaction to Freeland’s buying spree is a bit out of proportion.

Hot takes like “I’m keen to start the most disastrous terrible budget in history” and “tell that to the single mothers she froze the bank accounts of” clash with comments like “Bought with taxpayers money,”

“What a ludicrous display,” and “She’s never seen a pair of steel toe work boots.”

It’s difficult to tell if the critics object to the boots, the tradition, the minister,

Or all of the above. Wait until the budget is presented to them.

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