Boots Inspired By And Designed For American Brewmasters

Boots Inspired By And Designed For American Brewmasters

Today’s news, Boots Inspired by and Designed for American Brewmasters.

Designed With Care

Adam Hickernell, head of marketing at Wolf’s Ridge Brewing, thought it was time for a boot update after working on cold, damp concrete for a while.

He also experienced heel pain.

He’d drive past the Georgia Boot headquarters in Nelsonville on his way to visit family in Athens, Ohio.

Adam purchased his first pair due to roadside awareness and the premium brand’s repute.

He saw a difference right away.”I became an organic brand spokesperson for Georgia Boots after receiving my first pair.

What a difference this makes, I thought. I can spray hops and chemicals on them week after week and they don’t crack.

They provide the comfort I require for my lower back while also standing up to the physical demands that brewers face.

“With his newfound admiration for high-quality footwear, Adam asked why there aren’t any brewer-specific boots.

For the past decade, the industry has grown tenfold. As a result, he decided to take action and contact Georgia Boot.

They answered positively and expressed an interest in learning more, much to his surprise.

An initial encounter (and a few beers, of course) with Wolf’s Ridge piqued Georgia Boot’s interest enough for them to get to work constructing the perfect brewer’s boot.

The Brewmaster Collection was designed with the brewing community’s two most critical aspects in mind: safety and sustainability.

Stoutly Built,

The Brewmaster Series boots are made of ISA TanTecTM leather, have a recycled waterproof membrane lining, and a removable memory foam footbed made of algae-infused BLOOM EVA.

Reason For Existence

The Brewmaster Series was created to resist the wet, keg-cleaning, wort-covered, yeasty conditions that occur during the brewing of those delectable ales and lagers.

The upper of the boot is made of excellent triple-tanned SPRTM leather.

It’s 3 times stronger than standard leather, and it resists the breaking that occurs when boots are frequently wet and dry.

When pushing pallets and kegs, the TECtuff toe keeps the leather from ripping.

The flexible oil- and slip-resistant rubber outsole is affixed directly to the shoe and has a fiberglass shank for enhanced durability.

ASTM F2413 protective toe and ASTM F2413 electrical hazard standards are met by each model.

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