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Sneaker News is a Leading Digital Destination for Sneaker Enthusiasts.

We provide the latest and most accurate information on sneakers, including shoe reviews and trends.

We cover all the sneaker releases including Nike Air Max, Jordans (1-13), Nike Foamposite & N7 Basketball.

With an audience that spans from hardcore collectors to newcomers just getting into it, we're here to help you take your game up a notch.


Sneaker News's mission is to keep sneakerheads informed on the latest news and releases.

We also strive to create engaging editorial content that gives insight into the culture of sneakers, hip-hop, sports, and street fashion.


We want to expand into other sneaker enthusiast communities that are experiencing rapid growth!

We're always on the lookout for passionate writers who can contribute to our site with strong content that engages their audience.


Sneakers - Passion for sneakers fuels everything we do at Sneaker News.

We live to share this passion with as many people as possible through news, culture, and storytelling.

Data-Driven Approach - We use data analytics to help make the shopping experience more personal for sneakerheads. It helps inform our team of buyers about what's hot and what's not before the rest of the world.

Professionalism - We believe everything we do should be treated with professionalism, including how we communicate with each other and external partners. We're a performance-driven organization that is passionate about their mission and has fun selling sneakers!

Innovation - We celebrate diversity and are always looking for passionate, talented individuals who embrace different perspectives. We offer innovation, leadership opportunities, and unlimited growth potential!

Editorial Process


Our editorial process is what sets us apart from other sites.

We work hard to create amazing content that inspires and motivates sneakerheads to get new pairs and stay on top of trends!

Our writers go through a review process where we help them with their writing technique and story structure before they publish it live.

We want our site to be filled with content from passionate writers who are filled with enthusiasm for sneakers.

Research Methodology

We use a variety of sources to research each article.

We believe that strong content is built upon solid research and understanding of the subject.

Although there are other sites out there that share information about sneakers,

We wanted to take it up a notch by providing the most accurate and complete information on all the latest releases.

Our editorial calendar is updated regularly which helps us keep up with new sneaker news.

Review Structure

We cover a wide range of sneakers and news topics at Sneaker News.

There isn't a typical story structure that we follow, but there is a general rubric that all articles should follow!

Our team of editors helps our writers stay on track during the review process.

Best Pick:

Your personality and your dressing become more attractive if you wear the best design with easy and comfortable shoes.

Spending extra money will provide you with the better thing.

Life becomes better when your feet never look the same again.

Staff Pick:

In this category, the products are in the mid-range.

At an affordable price without compromising any quality you can choose it for your home.

They are very common and comfortable among users.

Budget Pick:

In this category, you will get many pairs at a fair price that will suit your needs.

However, you do not expect them to provide you with something extravagant.

Customer Feedback Analysis

We use customer feedback surveys to compare the satisfaction of our readers with past surveys.

We measure responses by asking if they were satisfied or dissatisfied with the content on the site and how likely they are to be a repeat customer.

We also communicate regularly with our audience via social media to find out what they like or dislike about Sneaker News.

We also invite our readers to participate in polls and other special initiatives to help us improve.

Success Metrics

Our success metrics help inform us about what's working and what we can improve upon.

We measure our success by looking at click-through rates of shoe pages, time spent on the site, and page views which help us understand how engaged our readers are with the content we publish.


Our editorial team collaborates closely with other teams within Shoe Palace to share ideas and help drive the company's mission forward.

Some of these teams include marketing, digital media, PR, etc.

We also collaborate with other influencers in the sneakerhead community, who are key players in the industry.

Selling shoes is not our main focus - Sharing information about sneakers is!

We want to be known as a trendsetting site that inspires sneakerheads to stay on top of all things sneaker-related.

Sneaker News was created by shoe enthusiasts for shoe enthusiasts and we will continue to do so in the future.

Key Takeaways:

- Find a topic that you're passionate about and become an expert on it.

- Create valuable content that solves problems for your audience.

- Ensure on-time delivery of content by working around the clock.

- Collaborate with other teams in your company.

- Track the success of your efforts by measuring relevant metrics.

Meet the Shoe Fanatics

Sneaker News is run by a small team of sneaker enthusiasts.

We strive to maintain an intimate community atmosphere that allows us to provide our readers with the best experience possible.

We work in a fast-paced, collaborative environment using the latest software and technology.

We especially love our Slack chat because it's an efficient way to communicate without the noise that email sometimes brings.

Sneakers are constantly releasing which means we're busy researching and writing articles before they go live on Sneaker News.

Although this keeps us really busy, we always have fun while doing it!

Vanshika is a Content Writer at Sneaker News. She loves shoes and handbags. She is a twenty-something shopaholic who owns some fifty pairs of footwear from every brand and dreams to wake up to a walk-in wardrobe instead of a rising sun.

Simpy Singh is a professional product reviewer and buyer's guide for online sites. She's been doing product reviews since her early teenage years. At Sneaker News she is a proofreader and writes reviews of different shoes.